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This Service Agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered into as of this May 29, 2024 by and between Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC and (the “Client”).



This Agreement stipulates the key services provided by Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC in addition to the agreed-upon level of standards of our service delivery as commissioned by and provided to the Client and as set forth by Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC. 



To create a customized website for .  Any future editing of website content on the front end will be conducted by .  Further key service details are provided under Scope of Services.


Scope of Services

  • UI/UX design of 5-8 pages for mobile and desktop.
  • Multiple revisions (up to 3 revisions) in the UI/UX design until completion of website
  • Set up live hosting server and separate development server
  • Installation and configuration of WordPress CMS (management included within monthly maintenance services)
  • Custom frontend and backend development of approved UI/UX using WordPress CMS
  • Custom contact form with email notification
  • Intuitive navigation and modern transition effects
  • Retina (4K) display adjustments to display icons and logos in crisp quality
  • Set up SEO essentials and meta tags
  • Cross-browser compatibility (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox)
  • Cross-device responsiveness (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  • txt and Sitemap.xml configuration (management included within monthly maintenance services)
  • Launch staging to live with Live Launch Day support
  • Installation and configuration of integrated Content Analytics
  • Installation and configuration of multifaceted Industry-leading Security (management included within monthly maintenance services)
  • Content: To be provided by .  Includes Honeyfoot Content Guide.

Term and Termination

This Agreement shall be in effect from May 29, 2024 for the duration of the Website Development project, which is expected to conclude within 8-10 weeks, followed by the commencement of monthly pro-active maintenance services on the first of every month thereafter. The timeline may vary based on receipt of Client feedback, and confirmation of each estimated milestone. 

Estimated Milestones:

  • Project Kickoff Week 1
  • Design Review Week 2 – 4
  • Development Commences Week 3 – 6
  • First Demo Week 7 – 8
  • Project Launch                 Week 9 – 10

Changes in the specifications, quantities, schedule or other aspects of the services that are requested or approved by the Client do not become binding unless accepted by Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC in writing. 

Any such changes may result in additional or increased charges, and the Client agrees to pay such increased charges before proceeding with additional services.

If either party terminates the signed Agreement during the duration of the Website Development project, a termination fee will be levied on the Client in the amount of 50% of the total fees.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that the monthly pro-active maintenance service fee is subject to change at the discretion of Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC. While Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC will make reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of any fee increases, the Client understands that circumstances may arise that necessitate adjustments to the fees. Any changes to the monthly pro-active maintenance service fees will be communicated to the Client in writing [or via email] with reasonable notice, and the Client will have the opportunity to discuss and negotiate the terms of the fee adjustment.



Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC agrees to provide the aforementioned services to at the Project rate of [package_plan].  Fees as indicated includes all services described in the Scope of Services. 

  • A payment of 50% of the Project rate will be required from the Client to start the project.
  • Remaining payment in the amount of 50% of the total fee will be required once the project is complete and ready to be launched live.
  • Payment for monthly pro-active maintenance services will be required on the 1st of each month following the launch date.

Any additional services requested by the Client and not covered by the Scope of Services will incur additional charges.


Assets and Intellectual Property Rights

The website and all its files incorporating the artwork and programming delivered to shall be considered the final and deliverable works-for-hire by Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC for .

Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC hereby expressly assigns such property, content, and material to .

Assets may include but are not limited to: consumer research, design specifications, original artwork, and source code (PSDs, AI, EPS, PDF, etc.).  Any exceptions to consider would be any licensed software to be incorporated into the solution which may be purchased by the Client separately or purchased by Honeyfoot Digital Company, LLC on behalf of the Client with applicable purchase and maintenance fees not included in the Scope of Services.


In witness whereof, the parties hereto have executed the Custom Website UI/UX Development Agreement the day and year first above written.

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